At our heart, K2 Business Group is a firm that specializes in working with business owners to minimize their taxes and build their wealth.

The Tax Code, The Savage Mountain and Why You Need a Guide...

K2 is the “Savage Mountain.” At 28,251 feet above sea level, it is the second tallest mountain in the world. It's a meer 778 feet shorter than Mount Everest, but it is the deadliest mountain in the world to climb. One of every four who summit K2 dies, which gives it its reputation as “the mountain that tries to kill you.”

Ironically, it is the descent—not the climb—that kills most mountaineers.

Even though your business might not be the largest in the world, it is likely the deadliest and most rewarding—financial ambition in your life. But growing your business and increasing revenue doesn’t guarantee you’ll reap the rewards you’re working so hard for. You’ve got to do more. You need a guide.

Our guides are uniquely qualified to lead you through the maze of tax, accounting, and financial challenges of your business.

The Most Accepted and Endorsed Exit Planning Program in the World.

Meet our guides...

Director, Founder, Financial Advisor
Tax Manager, Accountant
Client Consultant
Executive Assistant
IRS Enrolled Agent, Certified Tax Coach
Chief Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor
International Tax Expert, Consultant
Board of Directors
Management Consultant, Financial Advisor
Tax Attorney, Consultant
Field Consultant
Field Consultant