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K2 is the “Savage Mountain.” At 28,251 feet above sea level, it is the second tallest mountain in the world. It is a mere 778 feet shorter than Mount Everest, but it is the deadliest mountain in the world to climb. One of every four who summit K2 dies, which gives it its reputation as “the mountain that tries to kill you.”

Ironically, it is the descent—not the climb—that kills most mountaineers.

Even though your business might not be the largest in the world, it is likely the deadliest—and most rewarding—financial ambition in your life. But growing your business and increasing revenue doesn’t guarantee you’ll reap the rewards you’re working so hard for. You’ve got to do more. You need a guide.

We Guide, You Win.

Ownership is exhilarating, but climbing solo is risky business. K2 Business Group is keenly focused on guiding business owners and professionals through the maze of financial, legal, and accounting challenges you face in your business.

Doing it right means reaping the most from your life’s work and leaving the business on your own terms.

Doing it wrong, means HIGHER TAXES today and tomorrow. Paying more taxes than you’re legally required by the tax code means putting undue pressure on you and your employees. It means having to take unnecessary risks with your investments, reducing what ends up in your estate. Sadly, it also means the IRS ends up receiving more money from the sale of your business than you do!

Without a well-designed exit plan, you may be forced to pay higher taxes, sell your business at the wrong time to the wrong buyer, and you leave your life’s work to the mercy of circumstances beyond your control.

You need a CEPA®–Certified Exit Planning Advisor.  (See: What is a CEPA®?)

Tax Strategies

Our team skillfully coordinates each major aspect of your business, such as choosing the best legal structure(s), tax strategies, and accounting procedures, while providing perspective with investments and insurance strategies.

6 Clear Steps to

Lower Taxes
Increase Cash Flow
Maximize Your Life's Work

A coordinated, focused effort with the right team saves you time and allows you to move forward with confidence knowing you are reaping maximum rewards from your business.

Our guidance helps you achieve your ambitions quicker, safer, and with greater personal fulfillment.

The path matters.

Our Unique 6-Step Wealth & Tax Path



We learn about you, what drives you, and what you want to do with your business and timelines.

Review Your
Legal & Tax Structure


We review your current legal structure, tax filing elections, tax returns, and current assets. We suggest adjustments based on your vision and map out a better course to achieve your goals.

Recapture Taxes


Where possible, we implement strategies that will, in effect, recapture taxes already paid on savings and investments and reallocate the tax savings towards your goals.

Business Valuation


When appropriate, we perform a complete business valuation using our patented software and provide you with a CERTIFIED BUSINESS VALUATION.

Strategic Improvements


Our team can help to immediately increase the profitability and future value of your business. The average client sees an 8% increase in profits when using these techniques.

In addition, we can guide you through an exciting journey of making your business work better—with fewer demands on your time and talents.

Design an Exit Path


You've worked hard. A well-designed EXIT PATH is critical to ensure you maximize the profits from the sale of your business.

We can guide you through the lifecycles of your business strategies to assist you in receiving the rewards of growing a solid business that’s well-positioned to continue your legacy.

Recent Case Study:
Client Saves $55,514 in Taxes
Over Previous Strategies

Actual case study. Results will vary. Specific results are neither implied nor guaranteed.
What to Expect from Your First Consultation

Your first consultation with K2 Business Group is complimentary. No cost, no obligation.

The initial consultation can be in person or over the phone, and typically will last about 20–30 minutes.

During the meeting, we will get to know you, your business, and discuss your goals. We’ll also share some insights and strategies on how we can help you and what the next steps are in your journey.

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