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Average Annual Tax Savings
For Our Clients*
Additional Wealth:**
**Additional Lifetime Wealth

Recent Cases:

Dr. Owen C. Allen

$36,243 annual tax savings

“I’ve been working with the K2 team for the past several years and it’s been a great experience. They’re saving me tens of thousands in taxes each year over my previous tax plan. I’m thrilled at the difference their strategies are making in my family's life.  I recommend the K2 team to anyone.”

Kelly Dixon
Real Estate developer

$26,327 annual tax savings

"I’m shocked at the tax savings the K2 group has come up with.I had no idea I was overpaying taxes by so much. It’s been an eye-opening experience working with them--so glad I was introduced to them by my financial planner."

Kevin C.
Medical Practitioner

$227,015 annual tax savings

"We are thrilled with the tax savings K2 came up with---over $227,000 each year. The results for us were immediate because we're reducing our quarterly estimated taxes by over $56,000 per quarter---almost $19,000 each month." 

Reasons you're probably paying more taxes than required:
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"saving taxes has a more immediate impact
than nearly any other business pursuit—
more than business expansion, more than
rate of return."             
       --DAN mATHESON, EA, cepa, ChFc, clu, ricp Founder, K2 Business Group



Every dollar you save in taxes is an immediate, dollar-for-dollar increase in your pocket without having to work harder or increase production or sales. Tax dollars that are legitimately saved can be spent, saved for retirement, or used to expand your business. Ironically, the thing you may be avoiding is the secret to lower taxes—the modern tax code!  A careful study of today's tax code reveals a path that works to your advantage.

Taxes may be an enemy, but the tax code can be your friend!

We show you how.

What to expect at your first consultation

Becuase your first visit with K2 Business Group is truly a complimentary, no cost, no obligation, you have nothing holding you back from exploring your opportunities. The initial consultation can be in person or over the phone and typically will last 30-50 minutes. During our discussion we will get to know you, your business, and discuss your goals. We’ll also share some insights and strategies on how we can help you and what the next steps are in your journey.

* Average Annual Tax Savings: Number varies and is not guaranteed.
**Additional Wealth: Assumes the average tax savings is reinvested each year and earns 7% compounded interest for 20 years. Not a solicitation for investments.