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Why should you learn from K2’s Unique 6-Step Wealth Path?

We specifically focus on tax strategies for small business owners to help them:

  • Immediately increase your cash flow to meet your business and retirement goals.

  • Recapture taxes you’ve overpaid in the past.

  • Strategically position your business for future sale or transfer by increasing efficiencies, and increasing the value of your business.

  • Maximize your investment portfolio with less risk.

Our holistic approach provides you with a team of accredited, experienced professionals working in harmony to develop and implement a clear path to building your wealth.

Large corporations work this way. Shouldn’t you?

You Might Have to Pay Taxes, But You Don’t Have to Leave a TIP!
“Results are not guaranteed. Actual tax savings, if any will vary.”


Annual Tax Savings: $36,243

"I’ve been working with the K2 team for the past several years and it’s been a great experience. They’re saving me tens of thousands in taxes each year over my previous tax plan. I’m thrilled at the difference their strategies are making in my family's life. I recommend the K2 team to anyone.”

Dr. Owen C. Allen

Annual Tax Savings: 26,327 + one-time $55,000 additional Tax Credit

"I’m shocked at the tax savings the K2 group has come up with. I had no idea I was overpaying taxes by so much. It’s been an eye-opening experience working with them--so glad I was introduced to them by my financial planner."

Kelly Dixon
Real Estate Developer

Annual Tax Savings: 37,387

"K2 Business Group is wonderful to work with. I know my business well; they know their business well. Together, we’ve come up with a plan to save me 10's of thousands in taxes every year. As my business grows, I’ll save even more!"

Pritpal S. Tib
Retail Store Owner