Discover Your Tax Savings With Defined Benefit Plans

Our most recent average tax saving is $157,549!*


Why should you consider a defined benefit plan:

We specifically focus on tax strategies for small business owners to help you:

  • Immediately reduce your tax liability by $10k's or $100k's.

  • Reduce your adjusted gross income dollar for dollar.

  • Keep control of your investments.

  • Minimize taxes on your retirement income.

Our holistic approach provides you with a team of accredited, experienced professionals working in harmony to develop and implement a clear path to building your wealth starting with tax savings.

Large corporations work this way. Shouldn’t you?

You Might Have to Pay Taxes, But You Don’t Have to Leave a TIP!


Annual Tax Savings: $147,717

"Finally! I found a firm that is willing to dig into my situation and offer proactive solutions that go beyond cookie-cutter solutions. I'm very pleased with the tax strategies K2 came up with that offset my W-2 wages while maximizing the opportunities of my side business. They not only came up with some significant annual tax savings for us, but they're coordinating our entire financial portfolio as well."

R. M.
Bio Tech Consultant

Annual Tax Savings: $227,217

"We're shocked at the tax savings the K2 group has come up with for us. We were previously told that a plan like this wouldn't work for us. But the K2 team has been very patient and responsive in educating us how a defined benefit plan does indeed work for us. We're very pleased and happy we took the time to learn from a expert team of tax and financial professionals."

Dr. Kevin C.
Medical Clinic Owner

Annual Tax Savings: $116,875

"Working with K2 has been a great decision. I'm on track to saving a substantial amount of taxes this year and for years tocome. They've been able to help my CPA put together a more comprehensive tax strategy which is goes beyond the norm. I'm definitely glad I found them before I filed my taxes."

Leo G.
Retail Store Owner

*Results will vary and are not guaranteed.