What is a CEPA®?

The Most Accepted and Endorsed Exit Planning Program in the World.

Exit planning is a community, not a competition. Collaboration amongst advisors and partners is critical when helping a business owner build transferable value while aligning their business, personal, and financial goals. CEPAs are united around one core methodology and process. They believe in one organizing principle and they share common goals. It is not a “one tool fits all” marketplace or solution. Good exit planning allows for the integration of many.

Through these collaborative and industry-leading partners, CEPAs are able to effectively execute Value Acceleration with their business owner clients and drive results. These partners, a part of our Exit Solutions Marketplace, provide CEPAs with delivery and assessment tactics and tools, project and engagement management systems, marketing solutions and strategic advice, revenue generating opportunities, educational platforms, and content, and a set of unique expertise to effectively engage and help business owners in exit planning. Through this powerful community, CEPAs are changing the outcomes for business owners.


Introduced to the profession by EPI CEO, Christopher Snider, CEPA®, the Value Acceleration Methodology™ is a process that integrates exit strategy into the business, personal, and financial goals of the business owner. The process consists of three major components, referred to as the “three legs of the stool”:

  1. Maximizing business value
  2. Personal financial planning
  3. Life after business planning

The process teaches that exit strategy is business strategy. It is about building, harvesting, and preserving family wealth for generations to come and integrating best in class business practices into daily operations. The Methodology focuses on enterprise value and is a revenue producing model for professional advisors as well as a common language for all parties from all specialties navigating the exit planning conversation.