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K2 is the “Savage Mountain.” At 28,251 feet above sea level, it is the second tallest mountain in the world. It is only 778 feet shorter than Mount Everest, but it is the deadliest mountain in the world to climb. One of every four who summit K2 dies, which gives it its reputation as “the mountain that tries to kill you.”

Ironically, it is the descent—not the climb—that kills most mountaineers.

Even though your business might not be the largest in the world, it is likely the deadliest—and most rewarding—financial ambition in your life. But growing your business and increasing revenue doesn’t guarantee you’ll reap the rewards you’re working so hard for. You’ve got to do more. You need a guide.

At its heart, K2 Business Group is a firm that specializes in working with business owners to minimize their taxes and maximize their life’s work.

Tax savings have a more immediate impact than nearly any other business pursuit—more than business expansion, more than rate of return. Every dollar saved in taxes is an immediate, dollar-for-dollar increase in a business owner’s pocket without having to work harder or increase production or sales. 

Tax dollars that are legitimately saved can be spent, saved for retirement, or used to expand the business. 

Ironically, the thing most business owners and tax professionals cringe at is the very vehicle that provides business owners the most help—the modern tax code!  A careful study of the tax code reveals a path that works to the advantage of the business owner. We guide you through that path.

Taxes may be an enemy, but the tax code can be your friend! K2 Business Group shows you how.

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Our Strategy

Meet Your Guides

Angie Morris


Angie is a member of AICPA and served as the President of the UACPA Southern Chapter, Treasurer of the Utah Association of CPAs, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Women's Business Network. She holds a Master of Accounting degree from Brigham Young University and is the founding partner of MyCPA Accounting & Advisory Services, LLC.


Omar Widdup

MAcc, EA

Omar is a graduate of BYU and holds a Master's degree in Accounting. As an enrolled agent, he is empowered to represent clients before the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals. He is especially adept in tax strategy, corporate structure, tax return preparation, and international tax solutions. He is with MyCPA Accounting & Advisory Services, LLC in Provo, Utah.


Dan Matheson


Dan is the founding member of K2 Business Group and the president of the Utah Chapter of CEPAs. He is the only CEPA® in Utah with the additional credentials of CLU® and RICP®. He specializes in business succession and transitioning business owners from the income from their business to safe, predictable, lifetime income with a key emphasis on minimizing current and future taxes. As a financial advisor, he also provides insights on investments and investment strategy.


Andrew Averett


Andrew is a CPA who began his career working for a Big 4 accounting firm with billion-dollar companies. His passion is working with small business owners to improve their business systems and accounting process to generate immediate, improved profitability and help business owners live their ideal lifestyles.


Erik Woodbury


Erik is a CPA with a keen specialty in forward-thinking tax strategies for small business owners. His expertise emphasizes the need for holistic tax planning and strategy. Erik graduated with honors from SUU as a Master of Accountancy. His experience includes working for a Big 4 accounting firm with roles as Controller & VP of Finance. Erik’s clients benefit from impressive and immediately measurable time-tested, advanced strategies most tax preparers can’t provide.


Geoffrey Gunnerson


Geoffrey is a member of both the Utah and Arizona States Bar, Tax Sections, and advises clients on corporations, partnerships, LLCs, start-ups, equity incentive compensation, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, executive benefits, and other tax matters. He is an attorney at Jones Waldo, Utah's most prestigious law firm.


Susan Escalante

Susan is part of a third generation of business owners, growing up in a family where the enterprising spirit runs deep. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin. Susan has ten years experience directing corporate public relations and digital marketing. She thoroughly enjoys connecting people with opportunities that will benefit them and their families.